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Our Code of Conduct

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Dear Colleagues, 

At NEOM, we are 'dreamers and doers.' Making our dream a reality isn't just about doing what is impossible, it's also about doing what is right.

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Our Values

Our Code of Conduct doesn’t exist in isolation. It is underpinned by applicable laws and regulations and our supporting policies, all of which provide you with additional and essential guidance.

We are proud of our NEOM Values and how they inform the expected behaviors we ask everyone at NEOM to uphold. Our Values support the standards set out in this Code and should help provide you with guidance about how you should act and behave.

Your actions should always support the following NEOM Values:


Make a difference. Create a legacy.


Leave the environment in a better place. Value all forms of life.


Challenge the norm. Stay restless. Always look for better ways.


Be accountable. Finish what you start.


Be authentic. Be true. Be fair.


Embrace cultural differences. Encourage debate. Seek to understand.

When taken together, our Values and our Code of Conduct will provide you with guidance to direct and inform your decisions in a number of the key ethical areas you will encounter while working at NEOM.

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Common Questions

    Wrong. We are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all those working on our sites. This includes third-party contractors. Where migrant workers are concerned, we need to pay particular attention to their working conditions, as they could be more vulnerable than others to mistreatment. If you feel that our commitments to a healthy and safe working environment are not being upheld by our partners, you need to let us know. You can do so by contacting your line manager, a member of the Compliance Department, or our Speak Up channel. If your job involves working alongside third parties regularly, you can also help us to ensure these partners share our human rights commitments, by communicating our standards regularly and helping them to improve.

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